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Two Airpods Pro Settings To Disable Right Away

The Airpods Pro is an amazing piece of technology. One can listen to music or podcasts while also being able to hear your surroundings. With IOS 17 being released, the Airpods Pro also receive an update that changes how users hear the world around them. This may be a problem for visually impaired users who need to use their hearing while traveling. This is the case if you have the 2nd gen Airpods Pro. Once the update has come through, you will notice right away that there are times that noise cancelling seems to gradually kick in when it probably shouldn’t. Once you notice this, go to Settings > tap on the name of your airpods, and do the following:

Change your noise control settings. Under “press and hold airpods”, if you have it set to toggle between various noise control settings, you’ll want to go to this screen and add Transparency. This will let you change between the new Adaptive setting and the traditional Transparency mode.

Make sure personalized volume is shut off. If enabled, constant sounds will cause the volume of your music or podcasts to suddenly become louder. This may be a problem if you need to use your hearing while traveling.

Finally, if you don’t want to change all these settings right away, on the main Airpods setting screen, you can switch between the modes quickly. If you know you’re going to be using the transparency option often, simply select that option.

Now that you have made adjustments to your Airpods Pro, they should be a lot more safer to use while on the go. If you have any additional questions regarding the various settings, make sure to ask them in the comments.






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