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Accessibility Matters

Category: Tutorials

  • How To Use Assistive Access on IOS 17

    As of IOS 17, there is a new accessibility feature called Assistive Access that changes the overall iPhone interface.

  • A Voiceover Feature You May Want To Change in IOS 17

    If you have updated to IOS 17, as a Voiceover user you may have noticed a change in how notifications are spoken. When I was using IOS 16, Voiceover would speak every notification that came in while the phone was unlocked. In IOS 17, Voiceover doesn’t speak any notifications, which can lead to missing important…

  • Two Airpods Pro Settings To Disable Right Away

    The Airpods Pro is an amazing piece of technology. One can listen to music or podcasts while also being able to hear your surroundings. With IOS 17 being released, the Airpods Pro also receive an update that changes how users hear the world around them. This may be a problem for visually impaired users who…

  • How To Setup Personal Voice On IOS 17

    As of IOS 17, anyone can set up a voice that sounds like them. It may come in handy for those who may end up losing their voice at some point because of a disability like ALS. Although there are options where users can make a text to speech voice sound like them, the process…