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Accessibility Matters

A Voiceover Feature You May Want To Change in IOS 17

If you have updated to IOS 17, as a Voiceover user you may have noticed a change in how notifications are spoken. When I was using IOS 16, Voiceover would speak every notification that came in while the phone was unlocked. In IOS 17, Voiceover doesn’t speak any notifications, which can lead to missing important information like a text message. However, you can change that behavior in Voiceover settings.

First, head to Settings > Accessibility > Voiceover > Verbosity > System Notifications.

By default, Banner Notifications is set to only play haptics. You may select multiple options. Since I prefer to have my notifications read out loud when my phone is unlocked, I have it set to speak and play haptics.

That’s it. Voiceover will now speak notifications once again as it did in IOS 16.






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