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Accessibility Matters


On this page is a list of resources that may be of use to the disability community.

Screen Readers

Hardware-Based Assistive Tech

  • Humanware Homepage: they sell braille displays, notetakers, magnifiers, a few book reading devices, braille embossers, and electronic braille labeling equipment.
  • Hims Inc: They sell braille displays, notetakers, magnifiers, and a sofisticated book player that can access Android apps.
  • Freedom Scientific: Along with their Jaws for Windows software, Freedom Scientific offers a few braille devices that work in combination with their screen reading software.

iPhone / IOS Resources

AAC Apps and Websites

  • Assistiveware website: Home to the Proloquo series of apps. They also have a blog detailing best AAC practices.
  • Touch Chat Website: Touch Chat is one of many resources by a company known as PRC Saltillo.
  • Alexicom Tech: Available on both iPhone and Android, this app aims to give individuals a voice. It does this by providing a free app where pages can be edited and customized on device. If one needs remote editing features, a subscription can be purchased.