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Airpods Pro Review: It Is Worth the Price

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The Airpods Pro are the most interesting piece of tech by Apple. It provides active noise cancelation, which has been associated with bulky headphones. You also get the ability to hear everything around you while listening to music, as well as gain super hearing abilities with the help of some settings within the iPhone. For this review, I am mainly focusing on the Airpods Pro 2nd gen.

First off, one feature I like about Airpods Pro is active noise cancelation. My hearing can be super sensitive at times, so there are times I need to filter out loud noises when out and about. For instance, I go to church, however the worship band can be loud at times. Before Airpods Pro, I would carry bulky noise canceling headphones, which I sometimes found embarrassing. With Airpods Pro, I can discreetly wear them and not make it obvious that I need to use a noise canceling device. Once I am finished using the earbuds, I can simply slip them away in my pocket or in the charging case until needed once more. Additionally, with the new IOS 17 update, it is possible to take advantage of the new Adaptive setting. This innovative feature adjusts the noise canceling settings based on how loud it is in your environment, without you having to change settings yourself.

Another feature I like is the transparency mode. This allows you to hear everything around you while listening to music, a podcast, or your phone giving you info on what street you’re on. Additionally, while using this feature, the Airpods Pro can somehow reduce loud sounds you are exposed to. It’s so good, you might forget you’re wearing your earbuds. The only drawback I’ve noticed with this mode is if you are outside and it is windy, your Airpods will temporarily cancel out noise.

Even though I’ve mentioned the earbuds themselves, I would like to also mention the charging case. I like how Apple implemented various sounds to indicate when the case is charging, as well as when the charging case battery is low. There is also a sound to indicate if you’ve placed an earbud that is not paired to the case, however I’ve noticed this sound sometimes plays even when you’ve put the correct earbuds in the case. In addition to playing status sounds, you can play a loud pinging sound to track down your charging case in the event you misplace it. This can be done in the Find My app.

Finally, you can gain super hearing abilities with the Airpods via some settings on your iPhone. I discussed this in depth in a previous post, which you can find by clicking this link. You can find this feature in Settings > Accessibility > Audio / Visual > Headphone Accommodations. Additionally, as of IOS 17, you are able to change your headphone accommodation settings within control center, meaning you no longer need to hunt down these settings when you need them right away.

The Airpods Pro come with various features for everyone. They come with noise canceling capabilities, allow you to hear everything around you, and allow you to make your environment louder if needed. Although the Airpods Pro are expensive, if you need these features for any reason, it is absolutely worth it.





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