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Accessibility Matters

Your Airpods Have Some Hidden Settings

I recently discovered that Airpods Pro have some hidden features barried within the iPhone’s accessibility settings. All these options can turn your true wireless earbuds into a hearing aid, or something that filters out unwanted noise without filtering out every sound around you. Note that all these settings that will be mentioned only work with Airpods Pro. Additionally, adjusting these settings only works on iPhone.

One can find these features by heading to Settings > Accessibility > Audio and Visual > Headphone Accomodations. In here, you can adjust “Custom Transparency Mode” settings. I will explain what each setting does. \

  • Amplification: This setting adjusts the volume of transparency mode.
  • Transparency balance: This will adjust how much you will hear in either your left or right ear. For instance, if you adjust the slider to the far left, you will hear your custom transparency settings mainly in your left ear. If you are using a single airod, adjusting the balance slider may improve your experience.
  • Tone: For those who need it, this slider changes how much treble you hear. Some sounds may sound tinny if set to the maximum setting (100% brighter).
  • Ambient Noise Reduction: This setting reduces background noise. In many instances, if you’re in a room with a lot of echo / reverb, it will reduce the noise to a minimum, making it easier to hear someone talking. Even though I do not have hearing loss, I find this feature useful, especially when this feature is set to the highest setting.
  • Conversation Boost: When set to on, your airpods focuses on the person talking to you. I don’t really like this feature because it changes the sound of your overall environment.

For those who need a boost in hearing everyday sounds without investing a lot of money on a hearing aid, Airpods Pro may do the trick. The same holds true for those who need something that can filter out background noise without completely filtering out all surroundings.





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