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Accessibility Matters

Why This Site?

I am visually impaired. My love of computers started when I was around 10. When I received my first iPhone in 2010, I was impressed with the built-in screen reader, Voiceover. As I upgraded from one iPhone to the next, I started exploring other accessibility options beyond Voiceover. One such option is Switch Control, which makes the iPhone useable by those with motor impairments. In most cases, I found out different ways to make the iPhone easier to use with these features, even if I technically didn’t need the accessibility feature to start with.

Additionally, I was fascinated by tools designed for other disabilities at a young age. One clear example was the PECS (picture exchange) system, which is used by children with speech impairments. As I got older, I would research digital communication systems and refer others to what I found.

I wanted to create this website to discuss not only hardware and software reviews for the blind, but also discuss software and features that may benefit those with other disabilities. Hence why this site is called “Accessibility Matters.”






2 responses to “Why This Site?”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Hi Marina and thank you for creating this website. I received a link to it in this week’s issue of “Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday”. I, too, became interested in technology at a young age. I am also a VoiceOver user, but am becoming interested in other types of assistive technology. I think Apple is a great company, and they have done an excellent job with accessibility over the years. I am typing this on my second MacBook Air, and I’m hoping to upgrade to a newer phone very soon. I got an iPhone 7 in 2018, and have been hooked since then. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    1. Marina Patten Avatar

      You’re welcome. I am glad you are enjoying this blog.

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