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Quickly Add Appointments With Fantastical

Even though I’m an avid Voiceover user, one process that is really slow is adding events to the calendar app. There are too many details to add, and it overall takes longer than I think it should. However, there is an app I have heard about for years and have finally decided to check out for myself. Introducing Fantastical.

One crucial feature of this app is the ability to quickly add events by typing. It is like writing a request to a virtual assistant. For instance, while adding an event, you can type in phrases like:

  • Mach interview tomorrow at 10 AM
  • Lunch with James at 1 PM
  • Todo Buy the new Mac Mini

Yes, this app not only works with calendars, but it also works with the seemingly never-ending to-do list in the reminders app.

One thing I like about the app is the ability to change views. By default, you are given a date ticker view, which simply gives an overview of upcoming events. The full screen views give you a less cluttered overview of events, depending on what you selected. For instance, the day view will give you an overview of events for the current day.

Paid Features

There are paid features in this app. For instance, in the pro version, you can see what the weather will be for 10 days as opposed to only 3 days in the free version. Another pro feature is the ability to create a booking link so that others can schedule meetings with you based on your availability. From my understanding, there is no way to pay for pro features at a monthly rate; you can only pay annually.

Voiceover Usage

This app works well with Voiceover. Buttons and text boxes are labeled properly. However, when using the day view, it is difficult to find everything in this view when dragging your finger on the screen.


Scheduling events in the Calendar app may be cumbersome for some users. Using Fantastical, adding events and reminders is a lot easier. Instead of going through various screens, you’re typing in the details of the event, saving yourself a lot of time. Personally, I see myself using this app more than the built-in calendar app for that reason.






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