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AAC Awareness Month: Upcoming App Sales

Ever since the introduction of the iPhone, app developers have come up with apps that benefit those with disabilities, like those who cannot speak. One famous example is the Proloquo line of apps. The apps consist of Proloquo for Text, Proloquo to Go, and the subscription service Proloquo, which are developed by Assistiveware.

Every year in March and October, Assistiveware puts these apps on sale to make them available to more families and educators. Starting on October 10 and lasting until the 17th, many of the apps will be 50% off.

Apps With the 50% Discount

In addition to the app sales, Assistiveware will be offering a two month trial for its Proloquo subscription-based app, which also includes Proloquo Coach.

Interested in these apps? If so, mark the calendar for October 10-17 to take advantage of the 50% app sales and or the Proloquo two month free trial.






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  1. Marina Patten Avatar

    You can see the full post from Assistiveware at this link:
    In addition to the apps that were initially listed in this post, there will also be a sale for the Gateway Vocabulary in-app purchase within Proloquo To Go, as well as a two month free trial of their iPad app, SimPODD.

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